Yellow Tigers Eye Tumbles


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Yellow Tigers Eye Tumbles – 100g Package


This 100 gram package of yellow tigers eye tumbles is a beautiful and affordable way to add the power of this gemstone to your life. Yellow tigers eye is a variety of quartz that is known for its golden brown color and chatoyancy, or “eye” effect. It is said to promote clear thinking, confidence, and willpower, and it is often used as a talisman for protection and good luck.

These tumbles are approximately 1-2 inches in size and have a smooth, polished finish. They are perfect for adding to jewelry, using in crystal grids, or simply holding in your hand to focus your energy.


  • Promotes clear thinking and decision-making
  • Increases confidence and self-esteem
  • Provides protection from negative energy
  • Brings good luck and abundance
  • Helps to manifest your desires

How to use

  • Add yellow tigers eye tumbles to your jewelry to wear the benefits of the stone close to your heart.
  • Place yellow tigers eye tumbles in your home or office to create a protective and positive atmosphere.
  • Hold a yellow tigers eye tumble in your hand during meditation or visualization to focus your energy and manifest your desires.

Order your 100 gram package of yellow tigers eye tumbles today and experience the power of this beautiful and beneficial gemstone!


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Yellow Tigers Eye Tumbles