About Us

John Taylor (Underwater Commercial Paleontologist/ Ex-Navy Diver)

Joining the Navy at the young age of 19 I became a 2nd class, then 1st class Diver. While in Charleston, SC, I found an interest in diving for shark teeth on my off time. After my 8 year enlistment in the US Navy, I knew I wanted to continue in the field of commercial paleontology. It became a disease! After the Navy, I transitioned into owning my own fossil business. I founded our company 32 years ago, continuing Under Water Commercial Paleontology still to this day. My Diving takes place offshore and in the Rivers of the Southeast from Georgia to Virginia. We have obtained an outstanding collection of Megalodon shark teeth and a large variety of other minerals and fossils. Our search for minerals and fossils is not limited to just the US, as we travel all over the world to acquire only the best fossils and minerals for our

Russel Taylor (Commercial Geologist)

I am currently pursuing my undergraduate degree in geology at the College of Charleston. Growing up, my father’s developing fossil business submerged me in the mysteries found within the earth. I became infatuated with learning everything about the earth’s past, and its secrets. With this passion, I took the next step to master minerals. I am learning how minerals grow, the building blocks of crystalline
structure, where they come from, and what environmental changes do to minerals. While I am a student, and still have a ton to learn; I bring field experience and further education to enlighten our customers of correct, up-to-date, and well-rounded knowledge of all minerals our company provides. With these involvements, I am able to give comfort and security to our customer that wishes to buy exactly what they are looking for. I have outstanding engagement and trust within the crystal community, to further help current and future customers.

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