Smoky Quartz Tumbles


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100 Gram Package of Smoky Quartz Tumbles

  • Natural and genuine smoky quartz tumbles
  • Approximately 100 grams
  • Varying sizes and shapes
  • Smooth and polished surfaces
  • Beautiful smoky gray color
  • Promotes grounding and relaxation
  • Can be used for meditation and healing
  • A great addition to any crystal collection

Smoky quartz is a type of quartz that is often used for its grounding and relaxation properties. It is a dark gray or brown color, and is often tumbled to smooth out the surface. This 100 gram package of smoky quartz tumbles is a great way to add some grounding energy to your life. The tumbled stones are smooth and polished, making them perfect for holding or placing in your environment. They can also be used for meditation or healing.

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Smoky Quartz Tumbles