Silver Sheen Obsidian Pendant


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Silver Sheen Obsidian Pendant

This beautiful and powerful pendant is made of natural silver sheen obsidian. It is 1.25 inches high and 0.75 inches long.

Obsidian is a natural stone that is said to have many healing properties. It is said to help with protection, grounding, and clarity. It is also said to be helpful for people who are struggling with emotional issues.

This pendant is a great way to add some beauty and healing energy to your life. It can be worn as a necklace or bracelet, or it can be placed on an altar or other sacred space.

Benefits of Obsidian

  • Protection: Obsidian is a powerful protective stone. It is said to block negative energy and deflect harmful rays.
  • Grounding: Obsidian is also a grounding stone. It can help to connect you to the earth and to your own inner strength.
  • Clarity: Obsidian is said to promote clarity of thought and intuition. It can help you to see through illusions and to make wise decisions.
  • Emotional healing: Obsidian is also said to be helpful for emotional healing. It can help to release emotional blockages and to promote emotional balance.

Health Disclaimer

This pendant is not a medical device and should not be used to diagnose or treat any medical condition. If you are experiencing any health problems, please consult a qualified healthcare professional.

Order your Silver Sheen Obsidian Pendant today and start experiencing the many benefits of this powerful stone!


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Silver Sheen Obsidian Pendant