Rainbow Obsidian Double Heart


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Unleash the Power of Two Hearts: Dive into Healing with Rainbow Obsidian

This mesmerizing Rainbow Obsidian Double Heart isn’t just a unique gemstone, it’s a powerful talisman for unlocking love, protection, and emotional healing.


  • Shimmering rainbows dancing across the obsidian, reflecting the vibrant spectrum of possibilities within you.
  • Two interlocking hearts, symbolizing deep connections, self-love, and the courage to open yourself to joy.
  • Gentle yet potent energy washing over you, releasing past hurts and paving the way for emotional growth.

This Rainbow Obsidian Double Heart is more than just beautiful, it’s:

  • A shield against negativity: Obsidian, known for its protective properties, deflects harmful energies and fosters inner peace.
  • A heart healer: Soothe emotional wounds, release blockages, and embrace self-compassion with the nurturing power of this stone.
  • A beacon of hope: Embrace a brighter future with the optimism and positivity radiated by the rainbow hues.
  • A perfect gift: Share the love and healing potential with someone special.

Hold this double heart close, meditate with its calming presence, or keep it near your workspace for a gentle energy boost. The possibilities are as endless as the rainbow within.

Don’t wait to unlock the magic of the Rainbow Obsidian Double Heart. Add it to your cart today!

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Rainbow Obsidian Double Heart
Rainbow Obsidian Double Heart