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Unleash the Power of Peridot with our 100g Gemstone Chips Bag!

  • Embrace positivity and abundance: Peridot, known as the “stone of compassion,” is believed to bring prosperity, happiness, and positive energy to your life.
  • Enhance your crystal healing practice: These raw, undrilled, and unpolished chips retain their natural beauty and energy, making them perfect for meditation, crystal grids, or simply carrying with you throughout the day.
  • Add a touch of beauty to your surroundings: Decorate your home or office with these stunning green chips, or use them for jewelry making, art projects, and more.
  • Limited time offer! Get your 100g bag of Peridot Chips today and experience the transformative power of these beautiful crystals.

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Peridot Chips Tumbles Lowcountry Crystals | Healing Gemstones, Crystal Jewelry, and Spiritual Gifts
Peridot Chips