4 Inch Selenite “Charging” Bowl White


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Large 4 Inch White Selenite Charging Bowl

This large 4-inch white selenite charging bowl is a beautiful and powerful tool for clearing and charging your crystals, jewelry, and other objects. Selenite is a natural crystal that is known for its ability to amplify energy, making it the perfect choice for charging your belongings.

To use the bowl, simply place your crystals or objects inside and let them sit for a few hours. The selenite will absorb any negative energy and replace it with positive energy. You can also use the bowl to clear the energy of a room or space by simply placing it in the center of the room.

Selenite is a very gentle and non-toxic crystal, making it safe to use for everyone. It is also a very affordable crystal, making it a great addition to any crystal collection.

Benefits of using a selenite charging bowl:

  • Clears and charges crystals, jewelry, and other objects
  • Amplifies energy
  • Promotes peace and tranquility
  • Can be used to clear the energy of a room or space
  • Safe and non-toxic
  • Affordable

Order your large 4-inch white selenite charging bowl today and start enjoying the benefits of this powerful crystal

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Low Country Crystals - Selenite Charging Bowl
4 Inch Selenite “Charging” Bowl White