Howlite Crystal Tower – Height: 3.25 – 3.75″ Width: 1″


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Unleash inner calm and clarity with your own intuitively chosen Howlite Crystal Tower.

Standing tall at 3.25″ – 3.75″ and boasting a sleek 1″ width, this Howlite tower is more than just a beautiful home decor piece. Each tower is hand-selected with your intuition in mind, ensuring a unique connection between you and your crystal.

Howlite is known for its calming and grounding properties, making it ideal for:

  • Reducing stress and anxiety
  • Promoting peaceful sleep
  • Enhancing communication and understanding
  • Strengthening self-awareness and patience

This intuitively chosen Howlite tower is perfect for:

  • Anyone seeking inner peace and balance
  • Meditators and mindfulness practitioners
  • Crystal healers and energy workers
  • Those looking for a unique and meaningful gift

With its natural beauty and powerful energy, this Howlite tower is sure to become a treasured addition to your crystal collection.

Order yours today and experience the calming vibes of Howlite!

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Howlite Crystal Tower
Howlite Crystal Tower – Height: 3.25 – 3.75″ Width: 1″