Flower Agate Crystal Tower Height: 2- 2.75″ Width: .75″


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Unleash Your Inner Bloom with a Stunning Flower Agate Crystal Tower!

This captivating crystal tower, standing between 2-2.75 inches tall and 0.75 inches wide, is a breathtaking embodiment of natural beauty and spiritual energy. Crafted from genuine Flower Agate, each tower boasts unique swirls and inclusions that resemble delicate blossoms, fostering feelings of growth, peace, and optimism.

Here’s what makes this Flower Agate Tower special:

  • Unique and captivating: Each tower features one-of-a-kind patterns and colorations, making it a truly individual piece.
  • Promotes growth and positive change: Flower Agate is believed to encourage personal development, emotional balance, and a positive outlook on life.
  • Compact and versatile: Its size makes it perfect for displaying on your desk, nightstand, or altar, bringing its calming energy to any space.
  • Makes a perfect gift: Share the beauty and positive vibes of Flower Agate with loved ones who appreciate crystals or unique natural wonders.

Own a piece of nature’s artistry and nurture your well-being with this enchanting Flower Agate Crystal Tower. Order yours today!

Price: $19

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Flower Agate Crystal Tower
Flower Agate Crystal Tower Height: 2- 2.75″ Width: .75″